Flappy Bird io Gameplay By The Numbers

So far, 47,127,433 games have been played on flappybird.io. That’s not including some missed tracking days so I’m guessing it’s around 50 million at this point. That blows my mind. I hope you have all enjoyed playing. 

Here are some quick additional stats:

1. 95% of all games score 6 points or lower. 27% score 0, 62% score 0 or 1. 

2. The highest score ever is 999,999,999,999,999, this is certainly a fraudulent score. I don’t even think enough time has elapsed since the the game was posted for this to even be possible. It looks like a handful of people have legitimately scored from 100-200 points, but it’s hard to tell if these don’t involve some kind of code manipulation.

3. If you happen to score 10 points or higher you’re doing better than 97.97% of all games. Keep clicking!

4. Here’s a quick graph that show’s the number of games played for scores 1-18: http://flappybird.io/graph.html